Definitions Index

  • "We", "us", "our(s)", "Creativaholic Studio" mean or refer to:
    Creativaholic Studio. ABN 50 152 084 332. PO Box 3060 Erina Fountain Plaza NSW 2250 Australia. Including our subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, owners, officers, agents, employees, representatives, partners, shareholders and in some cases our licensors and suppliers (as defined below).
  • "Our website(s)" means or refers to:
    Our entire website located at, its secure transmission domain, subdomains, trailing pages, and any other domains (registered and/or licensed to us and/or owned by us) pointing, redirecting and/or linked directly to our website by us or have a direct association with it.
  • "Policy", "Policies" mean or refer to:
    The policies, statements and terms and conditions set out, labeled and/or classified as a policy within our website.
  • "User", "visitor", "client (if you are currently our client under an approved Service Agreement as defined below)", "you", "your", "yours", "yourself" mean or refer to:
    You presently and/or your business (whether by ownership or any sort of representation).
  • "Account Portal" means or refers to:
    The secure area we made available to our clients (including yourself) at
  • "Admin Console" means or refers to:
    The Adminstration interface we provide to you on behalf of our suppliers, containing features and applications giving you the ability to manage your website or online business and their content.
  • "Service(s)" means or refers to:
    The products and services we quote on, sell, offer and/or provide to an individual or a business entity when we agree to such provision, either directly as a provider, reseller of products and services offered by third party providers or on behalf of those third party providers. Our services include providing access to the Admin Console and the Account Portal. Usage of our Services include the usage of our websites.
  • "Secure Zone(s)", "Secure Area(s)", "Member(s) Only Area" mean or refer to:

    Sections and web pages that are hosted behind a secured section of our website and/or our services that are exclusive to particular users, and can only be accessed by submitting a valid email address and password (registered and allowed by us to access these sections and web pages), either supplied by yourself or assigned to you by us.

  • "Supplier(s)" means or refers to:
    Third parties (including licensors) who provide us directly or indirectly with certain products and services that we use (in any means described or not) for the provision of our services.
  • "Service Agreement" means or refers to:
    The contract and/or agreement representing the official acceptance of the working relationship and service provision between us and our clients where we and/or our suppliers are the service(s) providers.
  • "Additional Policies" means or refers to:
    Our suppliers' terms and conditions, privacy policies, service agreements, licenses and/or any of their policies.
  • "Identifiable Information" means or refers to:
    Information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, locate or contact you personally (Personal Information) or identify, locate and contact your business, company or entity under which you conduct your business (Business Information).
  • "Payment Information" means or refers to:
    The credit card information you provide to us to pay the necessary fees for the services we provide to you.
  • "Your Details" means or refers to:
    Your Identifiable Information and/or your Payment Information.
  • "Submission(s)" means or refers to:
    Any and all comments, information, feedback, requests, enquiries and ideas you provide and/or submit to us through the web forms available in our website, directly via email, by post, face-to-face or over the phone.
  • "Communication(s)" means or refers to:
    Any type of communication we conduct with you, including but not limited to Submissions (as defined above), phone calls, email communications, notifications, newsletters, files including invoices, quotes and any attachment, link or reference included in such communications.
  • "Material(s)" means or refers to:
    Any and all content, text, videos, animations, audio files, sounds, music, artwork, images, photographs, graphics, trade marks, symbols, logos, user interfaces, visual interfaces, fonts, code, scripts, programs, plugins, styles, programming techniques, including but not limited to the design, structure, selection, coordination, expression and arrangement of such material in our website and services.

Unless stated otherwise, we reserve the right to review and change certain information contained in our websites without notice.

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